I found some app that actually pays and I would like to go over a few.



The Current app im mentioning is not the banking app but a radio app that pays you to listen to music. It is so far paying within 10 or so days and you can grind a 10 in paypal within those 10 days.



It pays well for just having it on

Offeres an offerwall, games quizes and videos.

Also includes a raffle and lockscreen advertisements.

You even get payed to charge your phone.



To get maximum money out of it requires you do do other things than lust listening to music.

You dont get to pick the music. Its just the station.

Payout isnt instantanious and product shipment dosent arive for months at a time.


Its a good product none of the less:


Published on: 2/12/21, 12:55 AM